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Membership in Patriot Riders of America, Maine Chapter-3, is open to anyone with interest in helping all American Veterans and people in our communities who may need our help regardless of race, color, creed or sex. You do not need to be a veteran nor own or ride a motorcycle.  All persons must be 18 years of age or older. 

To become a member you must attend 4 meeting and 6 events within 6 consecutive months." To maintain membership in good standing, you must attend 6 meetings and 6 events within 12 consecutive months. Anyone who joins and does not meet his/her obligation may be terminated from this organization.  After a member completes his/her membership requirements, they will be able to obtain a full Patriot Riders patch for a $60.00 donation. The Patch will remain the property of Patriot Riders in perpetuity and shall be returned if membership is ended by either party except as otherwise allowed. Dues will be set at $40.00 per year, per member payable when you patch in and each consecutive year on your “patched in” anniversary.  If members’ dues are not collected within thirty (30) days from that meeting, the organization has the option of terminating that member.

For more information regarding membership, please attend one of out monthly meetings or contact Info@PRoA-ME3.org or any current Patriot Riders of America member.